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The First Nepali Magazine Published in Australia

— नेपाली टाइम्स अस्ट्रेलिया / प्रकाशित मिति : सोमवार, पुस ३, २०७४

While most Australians rest and relax this holiday season, our border protection authorities will be hard at work monitoring Australia’s borders and preventing any attempt to enter the country illegally. We asked the Commander of Australia’s Operation Sovereign Borders, Air Vice-Marshal Stephen Osborne, about the measures in place to stop people smuggling boats during the holiday period.
“Australia’s borders are monitored, patrolled and protected every day of the year,” Air Vice-Marshal Osborne said.
“We are always watching and we are always ready to intercept and turn back anyone who tries to reach Australia illegally by boat.
“Unfortunately, even though it’s been years since anyone managed to reach Australia illegally by boat, there are still people who think it’s worth trying.”
Asked whether Australia’s borders were any less secure on public holidays, Air Vice-Marshal Osborne was adamant in saying “no”.
“Anyone who thinks our borders are not closely watched on public holidays is wrong. Anyone who attempts to reach Australia illegally by boat will be stopped and turned back –regardless of when they try.”
Air Vice-Marshal Osborne said communities in Australia have an important role to play in preventing people overseas from risking their lives on people smuggling boats.
“We know that people in Australia can and do influence the decisions of family and friends in other countries,” he said. “If someone here tells a relative or friend overseas that they could still come to Australia illegally by boat, they are putting their friend or relative at risk of losing their money or even their life.
“I want to encourage people in Australia to do the right thing by advising friends and family overseas that there is only one way to come to Australia – with an Australian visa.”
Air Vice-Marshal Osborne finished by reiterating that people who try to come the wrong way are risking their life and wasting their money for nothing. They will never settle in Australia.

The First Nepali Magazine Published in Australia

— Niru Tripathi / प्रकाशित मिति : शुक्रबार, मंसिर १५, २०७४

Common Action for Sustainable Development (CASD) Director and yoga teacher, Marjorie Hau, is running weekly yoga sessions to raise money for rural Nepalese schoolchildren. CASD’s ‘Water for Schools in Nepal’ project seeks to raise funds for rural schoolchildren in Nepal who don’t have access to water. CASD is a non-for-profit organization that seeks to improve the living standards of these children through implementing programs targeting health, education and women empowerment. CASD operates on the belief that change can start with a little help and support where it is needed most.
The project kicked off Sunday, 15 October and the last yoga session will be held on Sunday, 17 December. These sessions run on donations, with all money going towards programs set to bring water to rural schools in Nepal’s Lalitpur District. If you are in Melbourne, check out the ‘Water for Schools in Nepal’ Facebook event, and like the CASD-Australia Facebook page. Bring a friend, and let’s yoga for Nepal! Donations can also be made at below mentioned website.

NRNA Election Commission Victoria all set for Election

Mr Sunil Bhandari is the NRNA Election Commissioner in the Victorian Election. Victoria’s Nepalese community is busy and excited in the lead-up to Election Day, and soon will see some of the upstanding members of their community who work so hard gain official merit and prestige. Each candidate in this election has their own manifesto and contributions to offer, with each voter hoping that their preferred candidate will have the opportunity to implement their initiatives and promises. For the past month, the NRNA Election Commission has worked tirelessly in ensuring that this election will run fairly and peacefully. Ms Niru Tripathi, Editor at the Nepali Times Melbourne, sat down with NRNA Election Commissioner, Mr Sunil Bhandari, to ask a few questions to ensure voters know how to cast their vote on the day.
1. How is are preparations going in the lead-up to the election. And what information can you provide in terms of venue, time, and election process?
All preparations have been completed, with the election due to be held on Saturday 8 July 2017 from 8:00AM to 5:00PM at Cyprus Community Hall 495 Lygon Street, Brunswick East.
NAV has helped in this process by providing volunteers to help the Election Commission conduct their business in the lead-up to, and on the day of the election. The Election Commission is thankful to all people and parties who have helped and who will be helping in different ways during this election.
2. What do people need to know before they vote?
The election will be handled by means of electronic ballot. All voters will be provided with a unique User ID and PIN which they can enter into one of the 10 available computers used for voting. Voter validation and the issuing of user IDs and PINs will be carried out at desk 4.
Please be mindful that you spare sufficient time for voting, as it may take longer to vote depending on the flow of voters and voter concentrations during peak times.0 There will be no priority voting, so if you require assistance in casting your vote, please contact one of the Election Commission Members who will assist you in voting as per your preference.
Identity validation will be completed based on official photo ID which may be any Australian/Nepalese drivers licence, passport or photo ID issued by government authorities. Identity validation is necessary in order to vote, so please bring appropriate ID documentation.
3. What time do the polls open and close?
The polls will be open from 8:00AM until 5:00PM. Please be in the voting venue before 5:00PM in order to cast your vote. The Election Commission will do everything to make sure that voting will start on time. If due to any unforeseen circumstances voting does not commence until after the scheduled time of commencement, we appeal to all voters to cooperate with us. Please note that a change in commencement time will not change the closing time of the voting time.
4. Who are your team members and how you define them in terms of working together?
Shree Pant, Diwaker Basnet, Bhola Giri and Niru Tripathi are members of the Election Commission who have shown great professional approaches in preparing for this election. I would like to thank all the members for their dedication and team effort. All of them, including myself, have agreed to the codes of conduct for Election Commission members. If you require any information or help regarding the election process, please contact one of us.
5.  Are there any other categorised teams?
Yes, there is the Crisis Management Team and the Election Observers team. The Crisis Management Team includes Chandra Yonzon, Jog Limbu, Durga Acharya, Mahendra Karki and Election Observers include Deepa Rai, Dr Anupam Pokhrel, Suresh Hada, Ramkumar Shrestha and Jamuna Parajuli. Each will play an integral role on the day of the election. I would like to thank all the members of the Crisis Management Team, Election Observers and volunteers for their time and contribution.
6.  When will the results of the election be announced?
Due to the time difference in Western Australia, the election will be closed around 7:00PM Eastern Standard Time. This will allow the IT Team only after 8:00PM to start working on the election results. The Election Commission is expecting to accumulate all results by 11:00PM from the IT team, and will hold a quick meeting to resolve the election results which will proceed results being published. Therefore, it is fair to assume that the election results will be announced after 11:30PM on Saturday 8 July 2017.
7.  And your last message to all?
My team and myself would like to wish all the very best of luck to all, and we ask that you please help us in making this election run peacefully and smoothly.