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Confessions of Nepalese in Australia

Journey To Australia

We set this group for those prospective students who need information on various issue like courses , universities, entry requirement, job, student life, change on student visa, PR and so on.

Here, in this group people share the problem they face during their process/ in Australia so that you/other can get information/help. Posting your feeling when you got visa also when rejected(with reject reason) can be helpful for many to correct there mistake on time.

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As it is public group Admin and Moderator are not responsible of any one post.
This group is official group created on 2015 by Bijay Poudel . is our official website. Here in this website you can find all things which is necessary for student to apply in Australia like sample document, sample SOP, Interview Question so on. is our email address you can mail us if you have any quires or visit our website and fill a form in JASV Career Council Desk.

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